The pen evolution is here! uni, makers of the uni-ball line of pens, gave multi-colored pens and mechanical pencils a professional makeover with the uni JETSTREAM 4&1 and the uni Kuru Toga ADVANCE. For the first time, both are available together in an exclusive uni box available only on Amazon.

  • uni JETSTREAM 4&1 includes 4 colors of high-quality JETSTREAM hybrid ink – red, green, blue, and black in 0.7mm and one 0.5mm mechanical pencil all in a single multifunction pen
  • uni Kuru Toga ADVANCE with the W-Speed engine – turns lead twice as fast as the original uni Kuru Toga for continuous sharpening
  • Reusable box exclusively available through Amazon
  • 4 authentic uni JETSTREAM 0.7mm refills, eraser refills, and 1 package of uni Nano Dia 0.5mm HB high quality blended lead (40 pcs) included
  • Water, fade, and forgery-resistant quick-drying ink
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Combining the smooth flow of gel ink and the crisp lines of a ballpoint, uni has developed a hybrid ink that will not smear, fade, or wash away. The rich pigment is the perfect accompaniment to the modern feel of this pen.


Professional Styling

The pen you use should say something about you. The uni JETSTREAM 4&1 reflects your versatility and demonstrates your appreciation for quality. You’ve evolved beyond scratchy ballpoints and are ready for the next evolution in analog writing. For work or school, this pen is one you won’t let get away.


Innovative Design

The Kuru Toga Advance will change the way you think about mechanical pencils. The W Speed Engine is a patented mechanism that turns the lead twice as fast as in our original Kuru Toga. Every 20 strokes, the lead turns thereby keeping the tip sharp. The metal pipe at the tip keeps the lead from breaking and retracts as you write ensuring the perfect amount of lead is always exposed.


Exclusive Packaging

When we decided to explore the US market from an online perspective, we knew we needed to find a special offer. As this is the first time our JETSTREAM 4&1 + Kuru Toga Advance is available in America outside of specialty third party resellers, we wanted to commemorate this moment with our exclusive uni box. Designed and manufactured in the US, it is the perfect companion to our designed and manufactured in Japan pens.


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The multi-function pen has grown up! The JETSTREAM 4&1 features a wider body, rubber grip for comfort, and mirrored silver tone accents.

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With a sleek, streamlined metal body, executive styling, and authentic uni JETSTREAM ink, the PRIME 2&1 is the perfect pen for any setting.

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